Flowfull Mornings

Flowfull Mornings

Do you miss routine & connection?

I’ve got something for you!

Never underestimate a good morning. Especially under the special conditions of today.

The morning will set the tone for the day. So let’s set a loved, fulfilled, warm and connected one.

Here’s the plan: From the 16th to 29th November, every morning at 07:30h(CET), weekends 08:30h(CET), there will be either a meditation or a movement session for around 20 Minutes with different teachers guiding you towards a state of fulfilled flow and giving you a fresh start into the day!

There is no previous experience needed to join, everyone is absolutely welcome!

Plus: From this #selflovepractice not only you will profit.

We will flow for clean water.

785 million people in the world live without clean water.

Can you imagine? We just have to open the tap and clean, drinkable water is flowing out.

For many people out there, COVID is only another problem to the daily striving for survival.

The idea: Instead of setting a price for the program, I created a fundraising campaign at @charity:water, where 100% of the money will be used to give people access to clean water.

Our goal: 1000$, which means 25 people will get access to clean water.

Just drop a message to register and share this post for more people to join and more people getting access to clean water!

You want to do good either way? Awesome! The link is in my bio!

Let’s flow for clean water!